What We Do

ISADO helps and support:  
  1. Poor and disadvantaged schools
  2. Rural and township communities
  3. Sick and disabled people
  4. Health infrastructure improvement and development

 ISADO objectives are:

  • To promote social, economic, and cultural development, and fight poverty.
  • To promote community-based development
  • To encourage and work towards international co-operation (especially with Italy) to support the development processes.
  • To strengthen the capacity of local Non-Governmental Organisations.


  1. Eastern Cape School and Community projects
  2. KwaZulu Natal Albert Luthuli Hospital
  3. KwaZulu Natal King George Hospital School
  4. KwaZulu Natal Nursing Training College at Albert Luthuli Hospital
  5. Mothers’  Hospital “Sleep over Facility” Project in South Africa
  6. Fairbreeze school vegetable garden project

King George Hospital school – Before ISADO Intervention

King George Hospital school - After ISADO Intervention